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So I never used to be in Harry Potter fandom aside from reading fic. This wasn't because I was unenthusiastic, but rather because I was too enthusiastic and I knew that if I ever started having OPINIONS on public forums and shit, I would never, ever stop.  Tumblr has kind of destroyed that for me in the last year, and I figure since I have already sunk to such depths I might as well go on and about all of my emotions.



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Why we need a book about the First Wizarding War?? l Harry in the Ministry stopping child abuse l Harry's parents totally dressed like this l first generation =/= second l the First War generation and growing old (ie the 'Sirius was younger than me when he was sent to Azkaban' freakout) l Ginny doesn't look like Lily l

Christmas in Vietnam

Almost Lover
Hey look, only six months late! :D

So I went to Vietnam this Christmas with my fellow ALT and good friend Fiona, Imaan (nilladriel ), and Imaan's ridiculous and amazing friend Atikah. We all met up in Ho Chi Minh (formerly known as Saigon), exploring it and Hanoi for roughly a week before the girls returned to Malaysia and Fiona and I spent the New Year exploring Osaka and Kyoto. (Half these photos are Fiona's, because she, unlike me, has the $1,000 camera. ;_;)

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Tattoo Number Three!

Almost Lover
So Sunday was my 24th birthday (HOW DID I GET SO CLOSE TO 25??????? W?HAT?????????) and I took the ferry onto the mainland, got a tattoo with a couple of friends, and then met up with another ALT group and went to the Ibusuki sandbaths before retiring for the night to cook vegetarian yummies. It was a lot of fun.

The tattoo is just a tiny one to pay tribute to my great love of the Harry Potter books. :D They were a formative, life-shaping element in my youth (and adulthood), and I wanted something simple enough to be unobtrusive to larger pieces later, all-encompassing of the Potter experience, and book-specific because screw the movies, tbh. >.>;;;;;;;

PS: I hear that tell-all MCR biography is out/coming out. I'm a little scared.

Can We Talk About Uchiha Sasuke?

Almost Lover
So I haven't read Naruto in about three or four years, right, ever since that battle with the armadillo penis and then everyone was fighting and getting superpowered and coming back to life and there was literally no conflict resolution at all. So I don't know much what's happened recently, aside from Neji's death and the amazing recap that askerian wrote for me and then some freakouts when Naruto was dying or something.

I always thought I'd just wait for the inevitable Team 7 reunion and then I'd get into it again, and now they've reunited, and I'm... not into it again. I should be. Like, I keep hearing stuff like 'Sasuke cares about Naruto's wellbeing!' and 'Kakashi still loves all his babies' and that's great, really it is, but.

I was re-reading In Good Company the other day and I was struck by how much better I like fic!Sasuke than canon!Sasuke, and that the main reason was actual regret, repentance, realization that what he'd done was wrong and that he'd fucked up and hurt people and that he had to make it right. After everything canon!Sasuke has done I want angst - not the shit angst we've got, but angst over his own actions and the fact that he's sorry and wants to be a better person - and I want a little humility and I want him down on bended knee asking for Karin's forgiveness, holy shit. It's a little like when I see Magneto in the X-Men movies and want to shout I UNDERSTAND YOUR REASONS BUT THEY ARE NO LONGER EXCUSES SO STOP KILLING PEOPLE, ASSHOLE. (Let's not even touch Loki with that one, omfg.)

It just feels like what Kishimoto is giving us is too little too late, and I'm finding it hard to care, and it's so sad. IT'S SO SAD GUYS. I LOVE(D?) NARUTO SO MUCH AND THIS IS SO SAD. I miss the kid who offered Naruto part of his bento lunch and was a smirky little jerk and would get all hot-headed and tragic about his family. I understand that he's grown up and changed and gone through enough that it'll be hard to come back, but I feel like half of his characterization has gotten washed down the drain and replaced with apathy, AND I DO NOT LIKE IT.

Is anybody here reading and loving Naruto? Or having similar sads? Or am I totally wrong about all of this because I haven't read the comics properly in ages? D':


Almost Lover
So in March of 2013 I flew to England for the first time, to attend syrraki 's wedding.  When first tentatively suggesting this trip to my mother, I was less than hopeful - I was determined to be there come hell or high water, but we had little to no money.

I didn't expect my mother to say, "Sure. And hey, use the opportunity to take your dream trip! Go to Wales, go to Stonehenge, go to Cornwall." My first reaction was obviously, "Hahaha. No." This was quickly followed by, "....YES PLEASE. ;_;"

And thus, the adventure began. My goal, I decided, was to find Merlin.

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nine trillion cat photos, i am so sorry

Almost Lover
So I live on a tiny island, right? And the other day I get this email from the Danish dude who runs everyone's favorite bar - we're not close but he's close with my other ALT friends, even if he refers loudly to me as 'the cheap gaijin' whenever I go in - that basically said (and here I will paraphrase):

I'm running away from my wife to be with xxxxxx (the much younger woman who works at a nearby restaurant), and she is running away from her much older husband to be with me, and she's pregnant, and we're leaving the island. I'm sure you'd guessed all that by now. (wWAHAT????n?NO!!!!!???) The thing is, she has two cats. I know that you literally just moved into a new house and have boxes everywhere and the day after that you will be leaving to go to Malaysia for a week, but no one else wants these cats, and if you don't take them, we'll have to put them down, no pressure.

Obviously, I took the fucking cats.  So nine tons of catpoop, cat operations, cat pregnancy scares (I am not even shitting you), and cat fur later, I am the (p?roud???????????) owner of two cats. The girl, on the left, is Kona. She likes to sleep on my neck and purr loudly while kneading my boob and licking my face. The boy came to me without a name, and is utterly gorgeous but would not stop shitting all over the fucking place, so I named him Sasuke. And, well, thus begins my slow yet steady devolvment into being a hopeless accidental cat lady.

April 7 Having recently taken on a couple of cats, the experience has shown me nothing so much as that I am not ready to be a mother. At all. Things I am Decidedly Unenthused About include: Waking up at midnight, midnight meowing, midnight poops, and waking up due to meowing about midnight poops. I got five hours of sleep last night. This, much like our destruction of the earth's environment, is not sustainable.
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I've Lost Control Over My Life

Almost Lover
1) ....All I want to do is write a horribly cliche and improbable self-indulgent fic where the Winter Soldier is slowly recovering but he and Steve have angst and then the Howling Commandos randomly time-travel to the future and there is even more angst because Bucky is THERE but other not-back-to-being-Bucky-yet is ALSO THERE. ....Actually I don't want to write this fic at all, I just want to read it.

2) Or that other Avengers fic I've had planned for literally two years that I have no story for, just the idea that the team all took a wrong turn somewhere and are not the people they were supposed to be but still somehow have to team up to fight, and a summary that goes;

In another universe, a kid from Brooklyn walked into an antique book dealer’s and set the wheels of history in motion. In another universe, two assassins came in from the cold; a scientist fell afoul of his own experiments; a billionaire went missing in the Afghan desert; a God fell to earth.  In another universe –

“Sorry Rogers,” said the Colonel. “Without Erskine we’ve got one shot at this, and a ninety-pound asthmatic is not my idea of a safe bet.”

History shifted.

– not this one.


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Apr. 17th, 2014

Almost Lover
I've sold my soul to the devil. *looks around shiftily*

My Ao3 Page


Almost Lover
So a while back I was thinking about the new Cap movie – in the abstract yet vaguely obsessive sense, as one does most things post-Avengers – and I remember feeling that it could be a make or break kind of deal.

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So last week I was in Malaysia to visit Imaan (nilladriel ) for spring break and lo and behold, Captain America: The Winter Soldier was out early. Nearly two years to the day after we first watched Avengers together in Hong Kong, we went to see it. Twice, because there is no movie theater on my island plus a round-trip ferry ticket to the mainland costs one hundred and fifty fucking dollars, and also because I think The Winter Soldier sits next to the first Iron Man as my favorite Marvel film after Avengers.

So I’m going to rewatch and review it, because if I don’t do this in a step-by-step orderly fashion, I will explode.


So, what did you guys think? :')