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I'm sitting in Kansai Airport on a ten-hour layover on my way back to Japan from summer vacation in NY (four flights in total, the longest 15 hours, I AM SO TIRED) (and I ate SO MUCH PIZZA in NY you don't understand the amount of pizza and ravioli and pumpkin pie) and thought I'd spew a bit. HI GUYS. HOW ARE YOU?


2) Ghostbusters was a pretty great movie, all told.

3) Star Trek Beyond was... disappointing? Generic? A plot repeat of the first movie? A waste of Idris Elba? :( (/unpopular opinion)

4) I hear that Suicide Squad is a flaming shitpile and this makes me laugh, but I admit I have not seen it yet. >.>;

5) I HEAR THAT HARRY POTTER AND THE CURSED CHILD IS ALSO A FLAMING SHITPILE (the script, not the performances) but I have not read it yet because once I do I will have Opinions and it will take over my life, so.

6) I have an Instagram now, apparently. >.>;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; It's emilyroseeisemann. :D

7) I camped on the beach with acern last weekend and when we woke up at sunrise there were DOLPHINS PLAYING NEAR THE SHORE IT WAS SO MAGICAL <333

So basically when you do a mandatory health check in Japan and they give you a cup and send you to the bathroom you should:

  • Make sure you know the difference between the words for 'pee' and 'poop'.

You should not:

  • Assume that you know anything about anything at all.

Because in the event that you mix up the words for taking a pee and taking a poop in a paper cup in the bathroom of a small clinic in rural Japan where everyone - literally everyone - knows everyone else and you are known on sight as one of the only foreigners on the whole island, you basically have three options.

  • Kill yourself.

  • Crawl out the bathroom window and hope that no one remembers you were ever there.

  • Blow up the building and live the rest of your life in a Mongolian tent herding yaks.

Just FYI.  So in summary, this is:

  • A purely hypothetical situation. I had a perfectly normal morning.

  • The worst thing that's ever happened to me in my life.

Title: "SHOCKING EVIDENCE! Inside Source Reveals: CAP WAS HYDRA ALL ALONG!" National ENQUIRER May 2016
Warnings: Language. Dumbassery. Civil War Spoilers?
A/N: My only input on the situation before I continue ignoring this bullshit for the rest of forever.

Summary: MSNBC Nightly News: Blogger Claiming to be WWII Veteran, Longtime Friend of Steve Rogers, and Former HYDRA POW James Buchanan Barnes Calls Enquirer Article "The biggest ******* pile of bull**** I have ever ******* been made to see with my own two god**** eyes."

So long story short, I was supposed to go to Cambodia with nilladriel and my friend Amanda for Golden Week, but instead got pneumonia and spent two weeks on sick leave with a 101+ fever while I coughed up all the fluid in my lungs.

As a sorry-you're-not-in-Cambodia present to myself I spent a day in the city instead, puttering around with all the strength of an old lady and taking the opportunity to watch Captain America: Civil War three times. >.>;

Things I Liked:

  • Literally almost the entire movie. It's near to Avengers, Winter Soldier, and Iron Man 1 as my favorite.

  • How much better than Batman v Superman it was. This gives me unholy glee.

Things I Didn't Like:

SPOILERSCollapse )

So here's my thoughts! As per messy notes I took in the very dark theater on my third viewing. *squints at them*


Batman v Superman - Spoilery Review Rant

So I was going to do a post that basically went -

Things I Liked About This Movie:

  • Affleck

  • Wonder Woman

  • Roughly 1/5th of Lex Luthor's Performance (HOW WEIRD IS THAT???)

Things I Didn't Like:

  • The other 4/5ths of Lex Luthor's Performance

  • Everything else

- but I thought, hey, it's the weekend, I might as well open this here Sangria and write down my thoughts as I rewatch. So if you hated the movie or loved it (I'M NOT HERE TO BE MEAN AND HARSH YOUR SQUEE) let me know what you thought. :D

Disclaimer: I did sort of go into this movie ready to dislike it. I am biased. I wasn't a fan of Man of Steel and had a lot of angry opinions about Nolan's Batman. :( I've been enjoying all the terrible reviews like this one, which is hilarious.

READ MORECollapse )

So I bingewatched literally all of the new Daredevil season in about a day and a half. >.>; I mostly loved it, but I had a few Issues and I need to blabber about them before I explode a bit.

I've already ranted about most of this to questofdreams but IF YOU'VE WATCHED IT LET ME KNOW. WE CAN YELL A LOT TOGETHER.

What I Liked:  HERE BE SPOILERSCollapse )

Things I Didn't Like:  HERE BE MORE SPOILERSCollapse )
A belated video of my adventures in Japan with nilladriel last May. :D