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So IDK if anyone remembers that I submitted a video to a contest here in Japan, but apparently I've won one of the awards??! Which is kind of shocking and very exciting. :D

I'd also like to add that there were a lot of REALLY AMAZING VIDEOS SUBMITTED that I loved and voted for but they DIDN'T WIN ANYTHING?? So here are some of the ones I wish there were extra prizes for.

So I finished Cursed Child (for my sins) and here are my thoughts. Um. It's inspired me to compile this list of my favorite post-series fics.

Things I Like:

  • Scorpius. Obviously.

  • Al and Scorpius being pals in Slytherin. They should date.

  • The veteran characters’ interactions with one another. Also their places of employment. (Harry does the cooking. Hermione is the breadwinner. Ginny writes sports pages. McGonagall kicks ass. The quintet and their kids save the world.)

  • The implication that young Sirius Black once attempted to leap from a speeding train.

  • ‘The Augurey’ has a nice ring to it.

  • The casting, which has nothing to do with the script, but I’m trying to be positive here.

Things I Don’t Like:

  • Oh, boy. Here we go.

I move on to Act Three and find myself wishing I, too, could fling myself into a lake.Collapse )


I'm sitting in Kansai Airport on a ten-hour layover on my way back to Japan from summer vacation in NY (four flights in total, the longest 15 hours, I AM SO TIRED) (and I ate SO MUCH PIZZA in NY you don't understand the amount of pizza and ravioli and pumpkin pie) and thought I'd spew a bit. HI GUYS. HOW ARE YOU?


2) Ghostbusters was a pretty great movie, all told.

3) Star Trek Beyond was... disappointing? Generic? A plot repeat of the first movie? A waste of Idris Elba? :( (/unpopular opinion)

4) I hear that Suicide Squad is a flaming shitpile and this makes me laugh, but I admit I have not seen it yet. >.>;

5) I HEAR THAT HARRY POTTER AND THE CURSED CHILD IS ALSO A FLAMING SHITPILE (the script, not the performances) but I have not read it yet because once I do I will have Opinions and it will take over my life, so.

6) I have an Instagram now, apparently. >.>;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; It's emilyroseeisemann. :D

7) I camped on the beach with acern last weekend and when we woke up at sunrise there were DOLPHINS PLAYING NEAR THE SHORE IT WAS SO MAGICAL <333

So basically when you do a mandatory health check in Japan and they give you a cup and send you to the bathroom you should:

  • Make sure you know the difference between the words for 'pee' and 'poop'.

You should not:

  • Assume that you know anything about anything at all.

Because in the event that you mix up the words for taking a pee and taking a poop in a paper cup in the bathroom of a small clinic in rural Japan where everyone - literally everyone - knows everyone else and you are known on sight as one of the only foreigners on the whole island, you basically have three options.

  • Kill yourself.

  • Crawl out the bathroom window and hope that no one remembers you were ever there.

  • Blow up the building and live the rest of your life in a Mongolian tent herding yaks.

Just FYI.  So in summary, this is:

  • A purely hypothetical situation. I had a perfectly normal morning.

  • The worst thing that's ever happened to me in my life.

Title: "SHOCKING EVIDENCE! Inside Source Reveals: CAP WAS HYDRA ALL ALONG!" National ENQUIRER May 2016
Warnings: Language. Dumbassery. Civil War Spoilers?
A/N: My only input on the situation before I continue ignoring this bullshit for the rest of forever.

Summary: MSNBC Nightly News: Blogger Claiming to be WWII Veteran, Longtime Friend of Steve Rogers, and Former HYDRA POW James Buchanan Barnes Calls Enquirer Article "The biggest ******* pile of bull**** I have ever ******* been made to see with my own two god**** eyes."

So long story short, I was supposed to go to Cambodia with nilladriel and my friend Amanda for Golden Week, but instead got pneumonia and spent two weeks on sick leave with a 101+ fever while I coughed up all the fluid in my lungs.

As a sorry-you're-not-in-Cambodia present to myself I spent a day in the city instead, puttering around with all the strength of an old lady and taking the opportunity to watch Captain America: Civil War three times. >.>;

Things I Liked:

  • Literally almost the entire movie. It's near to Avengers, Winter Soldier, and Iron Man 1 as my favorite.

  • How much better than Batman v Superman it was. This gives me unholy glee.

Things I Didn't Like:

SPOILERSCollapse )

So here's my thoughts! As per messy notes I took in the very dark theater on my third viewing. *squints at them*


Batman v Superman - Spoilery Review Rant

So I was going to do a post that basically went -

Things I Liked About This Movie:

  • Affleck

  • Wonder Woman

  • Roughly 1/5th of Lex Luthor's Performance (HOW WEIRD IS THAT???)

Things I Didn't Like:

  • The other 4/5ths of Lex Luthor's Performance

  • Everything else

- but I thought, hey, it's the weekend, I might as well open this here Sangria and write down my thoughts as I rewatch. So if you hated the movie or loved it (I'M NOT HERE TO BE MEAN AND HARSH YOUR SQUEE) let me know what you thought. :D

Disclaimer: I did sort of go into this movie ready to dislike it. I am biased. I wasn't a fan of Man of Steel and had a lot of angry opinions about Nolan's Batman. :( I've been enjoying all the terrible reviews like this one, which is hilarious.

READ MORECollapse )

So I bingewatched literally all of the new Daredevil season in about a day and a half. >.>; I mostly loved it, but I had a few Issues and I need to blabber about them before I explode a bit.

I've already ranted about most of this to questofdreams but IF YOU'VE WATCHED IT LET ME KNOW. WE CAN YELL A LOT TOGETHER.

What I Liked:  HERE BE SPOILERSCollapse )

Things I Didn't Like:  HERE BE MORE SPOILERSCollapse )