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My Mom vs Racist Bullshit

So I posted this on Tumblr originally, but -

My mom works part-time in a pet store. She’s white and blonde and very liberal, but people make assumptions based her whiteness and she tends to hear a lot of Opinions from assholes who think that she will agree with them.

Last week an older woman came into the store, and when checking out her purchases started to complain about the man living in the run-down house behind her own.

  • “His name is Lopez,” she whispered conspiratorially to my mom. “You know what that means.”

  • My mom did not, in fact, know what that meant.

  • “He’s Mexican,” the old woman went on to explain, despite it being one of the most popular Latinx names in the country.

  • My mom is an extremely wonderful, intelligent, and opinionated woman, but she can occasionally be hampered by her own good nature - she is perpetually surprised when she sees people being utterly horrible, and it tends to take her a moment to get into Argument Mode. Because of this, I’m pretty sure her response was along the lines of, “….What?”

  • The old woman went on to explain that: a) She had seen an empty school bus going by the house once, b) which meant that he was probably harboring a ton of Mexican children in his house, c) which he was maybe illegally (?) busing into the country on federal dime (?) at great cost to taxpayers (?). She continued to explain that d) she had once seen a stack of his mail, and e) he’d gotten a letter from the local County offices (?) with the title (my mom’s not sure about this, but she thinks the acronym was) ‘FACS,’ and f) the old woman was positive that the ‘F’ stood for ‘federal’ and g) it was proof that he was getting federal aid for these possibly illegal children, again, at great expense to taxpayers.

  • At which point my mom shook herself out of her haze of ‘????no????’ and managed to say that a) the old woman did not, in fact, know what the acronym stood for at all, and b) if the man was receiving federal aid it would probably not be coming from the offices of the local County.

  • The old woman, however, was positive that she was correct, and went on to complain that these children were costing the country and its citizens money due to the supposed aid and massive education costs.

  • And my mom, who is a sensible and compassionate woman, went, “Even if that were true, which it’s not, don’t we want children to be educated? Don’t we want them to have good lives and grow up to contribute to society?”

  • And the old woman was like, not immigrant children, not on our dime.

  • And my mom went, “We all come from immigrants originally.”

  • And the old woman literally said, “Okay, thank you, bye,” and walked out.

  • The shop assistant who helped carry her purchases out to the car came back and informed my mom that the old woman had said, and I quote, “I hadn’t known she was such a screaming liberal.”

  • This is what we’re dealing with. This level of. Of. Bullshit. And ignorance. In every corner of the country.

I told the Screaming Liberal that next time she should either a) metaphorically demolish the woman’s opinions using Facts and Logic, to which she agreed, or b) literally challenge the woman to a wrestling match, to which she replied that she “wasn’t going to fight an old woman, Em,” or something equally measured.