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Title: Fate, Don't Fail Me Now
Pairing: SasuNaru
Warnings: Language. Violence. Smut in an X-Wing.
A/N: Inspired by The Force Awakens, Sasuke Uchiha's terrible life choices, my dislike of Kylo Ren, and the Great Cockpit Sex Debate of 2k16. Beta by nilladriel and [personal profile] x_dark_siren_x. ❤

Summary: The twin suns rose. Scorched the sand below. Set.

Naruto Uzumaki wore his clothes thin, fixed his droids with callused hands, and brought himself to school. Failed out. Applied to the Academy. Failed out of that too. Worked. Sweated. Stared at the binary stars and dreamed that he was meant for more, for better, than dying here.

Star Wars AU.